What is a Laser Engraver?



     As the name shows, a laser engraving machine is a tool used to engrave on objects. These machines use three parts to accomplish their task. They are; a controller, laser, and an object to engrave on. You can think of the laser as pen or pencil. It is a high-intensity beam of light, which is pointed at the object, and move according to a process known as vectors, which will ultimately produce patterns on an object. The laser will move in an extremely precise manner to give you an excellent finish.

What are the Different Types of Engravers?

     Laser engraving machines come in three distinct types. The first and the most common type is called an “X, Y” table. With this type, the laser moves by following the X, Y directions. In this machine, the object being engraved will remain motionless. With some machines, the laser will be stationary and the object being engraved moves around according to the X, Y axis. In the third type, the laser will move along the X-axis, and the object will move about the Y-axis. These three types are used when engraving is done on two-dimensional surfaces. There is another type of engraver capable of handling cylindric objects. These machines can either engrave on cylindric objects or on a flat piece mounted on a cylinder. These machines accomplish their job based upon a technique called a raster method.


     Laser machines available on the market today have come a long way since the early years with this type of technology. It can be used in a wide variety of jobs such as Bar Codes, Variable Text, and Serial Number engraving. The industry that can use this sort of technology is quite diverse as well. Some of the most common industries that use laser engraving include; jewelry, medical, automobile, and prototyping related work.



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