Month: February 2017

A Desktop Laser Engraving Machine is Perfect for Home-Based Businesses


A Desktop Laser Engraving Machine is Perfect for Home-Based Businesses

There are a lot of machines designed for both commercial and personal use. This is helpful for people choosing to start their own business making items they can craft at home. Machines such as die cutters and laser engravers can be used to create the same high quality products offered in retail stores. A laser engraving machine is available in a desktop model, which makes it perfect for home-based businesses. This machine uses computer software to make precision cuts in a variety of materials. Most desktop models are designed to be used in combination with computers running Windows based operating systems.

Packed with Power

Although a desktop laser engraving machine stands a little over five inches in height, it is packed with a lot of desirable features. The focus of the machine allows for easy location of the subject being engraved. It also allows for configuration of the height, which makes it adjustable. As a scaled down model of the larger commercial systems, it could feature a manual door for loading. The on-board software allows for the marking of graphics, text, numerals and more. This machine is usually designed to work with the fonts available in the Windows operating system, which allows for greater creativity on the part of the owner.

Engraving Materials

The desktopĀ laser engraving machine can be used to etch into the surface of any type of metal. This makes the machine the ideal tool for jewelry making. Not only can home jewelry makers create custom pieces by engraving items with initials, names or messages, they can also engrave a piece with the numerical value of the metal. Most people do not associated engraving with plastics, but this machine is fully capable of etching information into the surface of a variety of materials including carbide and most types of plastic.